"A must-do for anyone seriously wanting to invest in the space industry."
- Expedition Participant

We are happy to announce that we are currently accepting applications for Expedition 17: Houston (E17). This is a limited space event that offers exclusive access to the most exciting startups in commercial space, so apply now!

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Who is this event for?

This is an exclusive limited space event for Space Angels members and their guests.

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Past Expeditions

Expedition 16 - San Francisco, CA

Expedition 16 to San Francisco and Palo Alto was our biggest and best Expedition to date. We were joined by two astronauts for the duration of the event: Space Shuttle pilot Greg Johnson and Korea's first astronaut to the ISS Soyeon Yi. The trip included VIP tours of a number of leading entrepreneurial space companies (including some of our portfolio companies), a high-altitude balloon launch with Stanford's Student Spaceflight Initiative, and special guests including Pete Worden and Steve Jurvetson. And of course, to celebrate our adventure, we all shared a bottle of Ardbeg's Galileo, the first whisky experiment in space.

Expedition 15 - Seattle, WA

Expedition 15 to Seattle built upon the success of the previous year and included VIP tours of a number of leading entrepreneurial space companies, a Space Shuttle Trainer tour guided by a Space Shuttle pilot Greg Johnson, and special guests including Charles Simonyi, Michael Lopez-Alegria, Peter Diamandis, and key employees from SpaceX and Blue Origin.

Expedition 14 - Southern California

In the autumn of 2014, Space Angels hosted an exclusive Expedition to Southern California space companies, offering unique insights inside the private space industry. Our inaugural Members Expedition was designed to bring together aerospace investors from across the globe to network and share their stories and experience, while exploring the progress of an emerging industry first-hand. Participants had meaningful discussions with high-level representatives regarding each companies’ business models, milestones, growth path, and strategies going forward.
"The exposure to all these up-and-coming space companies is unreal."
- Expedition 15 Participant